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Dr Mahmoud Saghaei, Professor of Anesthesiology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Address: Al-Zahra Medical Center, Isfahan, Iran
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آکوپوینت برای اندروئید به زبان پارسی

برنامه اندروئیدی آکوپوینت اطلاعات نسبتا جامعی در مورد طب سوزنی

با تکیه بر نقاط آن (اکوپوینت) ارائه میدهد

Gulistan in English
گلستان به زبان فارسی
Gulistan Farsi

Minimizer App for Android

Get the Minimizer Android app from SlideME.

Minimizer is an android app for minimizing subjects to different arms of a clinical trial. For more information about minimization see this link on Wikipedia. To make most of Minimizer you should have general background information regarding minimization usage in clinical trials. Minimizer app is a menu-based application which has four essential menu items as follow: 1-Setting: for setting different minimization settings. Usually the default works good. 2-Treatments: for adding/editing treatment arms. 3-Factors: for adding/editing trial factors. 4-Subjects: Shows current category frequencies for different treatments across levels of all trial factors. To enroll a new subject click the plus sign in the menu bar.
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